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Our Story

At CHESS, we offer a unique "two-in-one" learning center - the K-Community Co-op - where homeschool families and students from our private school (KGCA) come together to learn, creating a fun and inspiring learning experience.

For the past twelve years in Chicago, we have met in libraries and my home, from the kitchen table to the basement, providing affordable, parent-led educational programs suitable for students of all academic levels, like traditional one-room schoolhouses. As a result, students progress at their own pace, taking charge of their education, and parents are empowered, gaining hands-on insight into their children's learning.

We have an amazing opportunity to create more room for our Christian school and homeschool co-op by moving out of the basement. This is a great opportunity to introduce other families to this amazing alternative to public education that focuses on Biblical values, character development, and quality education.

On this 16-plus-year journey, my husband and I have been truly inspired by seeing how God has used the homeschooling ministry to impact so many lives. Therefore, I am confident that this expansion will yield even more fruit and help serve more families in our community.

Evangelists Ronald & Latasha Fields


From Basement to Building

We are on a mission to serve and empower our community, and we need your help to take it to the next level! With your support, we can reach our goal of $700K and move our school out of the basement to purchase a debt-free building, classroom furniture, supplies, equipment, offset curriculum costs, and so much more.

Your generous contribution will enable us to serve more families and expand our efforts. So make a lasting impact and donate to Basement to Building today!

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Reclaiming Our Children's Education.

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The Problem

Parents are increasingly concerned about government education, as the new educational standards are causing harm and instability in their children's education, failing to meet their basic needs for academic excellence and safety.

It is unconscionable that government schools seem to be more concerned with indoctrinating innocent children with explicit sexual ideology than educating them.

What We Fight For

Parents' Right to ​Know.

Empower their ​Future.

Protecting Our Kids' ​Innocence.

Public schools seem more concerned with limiting or entirely denying parents any "right" to know what is being taught to their children.

Poor academic performance can have long-term physical and mental health consequences for children, such as potential poverty and an increased propensity for criminal activity.

Public schools subscribe to an ungodly global agenda that indoctrinate children with explicitly sexual content, promoting immoral values that contradict traditional family upbringing.

#EndTheSexploitation: Read, Learn, Lead



This is unconscionable; sound morals, academics, and vocational skills should take precedence!


Grad Rate

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Blacks Students

But Only

83.7% of teachers

are rated

“Excellent or






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Overall reading

spending per student

Sources: 1Illinois State Board of Education: 2022 Report Card

Just 20% & 16% of CPS students can READ and do MATH at grade level

Education Reimagined:

Putting Children First.

The Solution

We are committed to providing children with a Bible-based education that is tailored to their individual needs, so they can learn effectively and at their own pace.

Children deserve a quality education free from sexual indoctrination and racial divisiveness! An education that puts them first, sets them apart, and helps them reach their full potential!

Learning. Growing. Thriving. On the South Side.


We are a parent-led cooperative school that offers financial literacy, writing, civic education classes, and more.

We strive to ensure that our students achieve academic excellence and develop critical thinking skills that will help them build and sustain generational wealth rather than perpetuate poverty.

Giving children a quality education for ​over 16 years!

Strong Parental Involvement ​Grades K-Community ​Diagnostic Testing ​Traditional Values ​Individualized Curriculum ​Phonetic-Based Reading ​Character Development

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We Understand...

that the beginning of knowledge is rooted in fear of the Lord. -Proverbs 1:7

Our responsibility and duty is to nurture our children with a love for the Lord and lead them down the path of righteousness.

As parents and educators, we can draw on the divine wisdom found in God's Word to help guide us in teaching children; this is truly a more excellent way than government education that is rooted in secular humanism.

Learn, Grow, and Fear the Lord.

Empowering Parents for 16+ years!

We Got This!

As homeschooling parents, we understand the power that comes from being informed and invested in our children, as we know them better than any politician or system can. We want our kids to be kind, compassionate, and loving individuals who are capable of making positive contributions to the world.

We also want our children to have the strength

and resilience to overcome any challenge that life throws at them. We want what is best for them; we want them to succeed and grow, so they can reach their full potential and fulfill all that God has called them to be.

-Chicago Homeschool Moms

Will You Help Us?


We recognize God's faithfulness and grace in providing resources and giving us the strength over the years to empower families. We are grateful to those who have generously donated their time or money to support our mission. As we move forward, taking this leap of faith, we remain committed to responsibly stewarding the families we serve and the finances we receive, upholding academic excellence, and striving for integrity and transparency in all our actions, all for the glory of the Lord.

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